New Lows in the Terror Campaign

(1) The Associated Press reports: “In the West Bank, a donkey loaded with explosives blew up near an army checkpoint near Bethlehem but caused no casualties, police said. It was not immediately clear if the animal was meant to explode near the troops or if it was transporting a bomb that exploded prematurely.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, the donkey’s bombs were detonated by two cell phones.

Yisrael Medad comments: It is one thing for Arabs to blow themselves up in suicidal attacks in restaurants, discos, marketplaces and buses. People, one presumes, have the capability of making their own decisions — no matter how horrendous or immoral those decisions are.

On the other hand, the exploiting of a poor animal as a carrier of dynamite is a new low in the Arab terror campaign. At the very least, shouldn’t we expect animal rights groups to protest?

(2) Meanwhile, some Palestinians have turned to transvestism to wage their terror campaign. A male terrorist, disguised as a traditional Bedouin woman, was caught by the IDF after he opened fire last week toward an Israeli community in Gaza.

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(3) And finally, “Al Hayat Al Jadida,” an official daily newspaper of the Palestinian Authority, announced that a Palestinian soccer tournament, as well as one of the teams, is to be named in honor of Abed Al Basset Odeh — who carried out the Passover Massacre in Netanya, killing 30 people and wounding 140 others.

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Justin Huggler of The UK Independent writes about the recent Israeli strikes in Gaza, but fails to mention the most basic background point: that the raids followed the launching of Kassam missiles toward Sderot and other Israeli communities, the latest in a wave of 1,400 mortars and missiles fired by Palestinians in Gaza.

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HonestReporting has received a number of inquiries about Neil Macdonald and the controversy over the January 19 Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) reception which included a press conference with Prime Minister Sharon.

The issue is not who germinated the idea. The issue is Macdonald instigating support for a boycott — which is a documented fact.

Macdonald’s plan to send one person to an event, where 300 are expected, seems an attempt to publicly embarrass, if not the prime minister himself, then at least the event’s sponsor — the GPO, a branch within the prime minister’s office.

HonestReporting presents the facts, and leaves it to each reader’s discretion to resolve whether Macdonald’s actions crossed the bounds of acceptable journalistic conduct.

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