All the (Arab) Rage

We’ve just released a new communique to HonestReporting subscribers, critiquing the media’s overemphasis on Arab emotion: Occupied by Arab Rage

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Here’s another in the wave of articles on Arab rage: Palestinians Blame Plight on US, Israel (AP)

Mohammed Domeh was relaxing on his living room sofa, watching the TV news when he heard the fateful words: President Bush was flatly ruling out the return of Palestinians such as himself to what is now Israel.

“When I heard what Bush had to say — and I am saying this as a Palestinian intellectual — I wished I could wear an explosive belt around my waist and blow myself up in front of Bush,” said Domeh, 44.

Such anti-American rage, from an otherwise mild-spoken, middle-class Palestinian writer, is being echoed around the Arab world at a volume some say is unprecedented.

No mention whatsoever of the more constructive Palestinian responses outlined in our communique. Are the news agencies more interested in projecting conflict/drama than they are in telling the whole story?