PA Intimidation of the Press

While the PA is pressuring Arab journalists to call dead terrorists ‘martyrs,’ this is what happened to an Arab journalist who didn’t toe the PA party line on another matter:

Last week, masked men assaulted and beat Seif A-Din Shahin, a reporter for the Alarabia satellite television network.

A few days after the attack, it emerged that the perpetrators were members of Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Brigades, and that the assault had followed Shahin’s live broadcast on the thousands who took part in Fatah’s anniversary celebrations two weeks ago. The report infuriated PA officials, who had expected Shahin to report that tens of thousands participated in the event.

But it’s good to see some protest at least:

Dozens of Palestinian journalists Monday held a demonstration in Gaza to protest the beating of a reporter by Fatah activists.

The demonstrators held a vigil opposite the offices of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza to protest what they termed the attempts of the Palestinian Authority to “terrorize the media.”

As Stefan from Sharkblog asks, ‘How much play will this episode receive in the American media? Please, no wagering.’