PA Policeman – Terrorist

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Yesterday it was reported by Reuters that Israel would allow the PA police to redeploy in the West Bank cities, after refusing this for some time:

The new security arrangement could be a rare step toward building trust as called for under a tattered peace plan being pushed by visiting U.S. envoys.

The army has destroyed dozens of Palestinian police stations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, accusing security forces of either turning a blind eye to militant groups attacking Israelis or taking part themselves in the three-year-old uprising.

Taking part themselves? Well, today a PA policeman committed the horrific suicide bombing on a Jerusalem bus, killing ten and injuring more than 50:

The suicide bomber, identified as Ali Jaara, 24, a Palestinian Authority policeman from the Aida refugee camp on the outskirts of Bethlehem, left a note saying that he wanted to avenge eight Palestinians killed in fighting with Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip Wednesday.

This wasn’t the first time. Now back to the Reuters article – does Israel merely ‘accuse’ PA police of taking part in terrorist activity? Wouldn’t a more accurate term be, Israel ‘points at’ PA police terror, and demands they clean up their act?

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