Palestinian ‘Art’ Exhibit

This Saturday (Nov. 20), a fundraiser will be held at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York, raising money to bring a Palestinian art exhibit to the New York metro area. Here’s one of the paintings from the proposed exhibit (previously shown in Houston, TX), portraying Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon collecting and boiling a young Palestinian’s blood:

The painting rehashes the historic anti-Semitic blood libel, with Sharon as sadistic torturer and the United States his accomplice.

Suicide bombers are also praised in the ‘art’ exhibit ? the official introduction explains that

[t]o several of the artists, the subject of the martyrs is an all-important topic. A true martyr is anyone who gives his life in service of his people, including… suicide bombers that attack Israeli civilians.

One of the works (pictured at right) ‘pay[s] homage to the first 13 martyrs in the current uprising.’

Though two state legislators, two county legislators and local Jewish groups urged Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano to cancel the fundraiser ? which will be held in a public building ? Spano has decided to allow Saturday’s event to take place.

In the (NY) Journal-News, the protesting legislators clarify that

this isn’t about free speech – it’s about whether to allow [the fundraiser] on county property. Spano has banned gun shows from the County Center because he opposes such a use of the space, they argue, and he should exert the same discretion here.

Comments to Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano: click here (Please remember that polite criticism is far more effective.)

2) Earlier this week, municipal signs of the town of Oleiros in northern Spain flashed the public message ‘Let’s stop the animal!!! Sharon the assassin, stop the neo-Nazis’:

In response to strong protest from the Israeli Foreign Minister among others, the mayor of Oleiros, who at first defended the signs, agreed to remove them.

This episode may indicate that anti-Israel hysteria, exacerbated by the European media, has reached a new fever pitch on the Continent.