Palestinians Get More Air Miles on Delta?

While I don’t fly all that often, I seem to have joined a lot of frequent flyer schemes. Looking at Delta Air Lines, it’s tempting to sign up for what looks like a great way to make some extra air miles.

According to Delta, the “Palestinian Territories” are included as a Middle East destination. So what if I were to fly from the US to Israel? Ben-Gurion Airport is just under 6 miles from the border of the West Bank so surely I should get at least 7 or 8 extra air miles for traveling to the Palestinian Territories?

But wait… there’s no international airport in the West Bank and Delta doesn’t actually land there. Does this mean that Palestinian flyers are getting more air miles than Israelis even though they are both landing at Ben-Gurion?!

Discrimination! I won’t be flying Delta again.

Joking aside though, Delta’s odd choice of destination is real even if it doesn’t fly there. Worse though is the fact that Delta used the politically loaded term “Occupied Palestinian Territories” before online protests and the intervention of Shurat HaDin, the Israel Law Center forced Delta to remove “Occupied”.

Still very strange though. Is a virtual destination for international airlines the next phase of the Palestinian statehood campaign?

Update: Since I wrote this, Delta has removed the “Palestinian Territories” from their list of Middle East destinations, presumably as a result of all the negative publicity and complaints received.

Before that happened, it looks like someone had a laugh at Delta’s expense. Check out the video below: