Palestinians Conduct Public Execution

Did this story (from the AP wire) make your local paper today?:
Palestinian gunmen kill suspected collaborators, display bodies

A source in Al Aqsa said the men had been kidnapped and interrogated by Islamic Jihad, but that the two groups had carried out the killings together “to share the honor.”…The bullet-riddled bodies were then dragged to the central square and propped up for camp residents to see, witnesses said. The bodies were displayed for about 15 minutes around 7 a.m., a time when residents are heading to work and children are on their way to school.

This is how “dissident behavior” is being handled by the Palestinian powers-that-be. Compare this with Israeli protest of government policy — which the world media are very careful to cover. That inbalance is simply unacceptable from responsible journalists. Kudos to AP for running the story…but how widely was it reprinted?

UPDATE: NY Times now has a lead article on the executions as well.