Pedagogy of Hate

An important article by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, on the still under-reported matter of Palestinian education to terror: Pedagogy of Hate

If you want to know what’s really at the heart of the Palestinian conflict with Israel, don’t ask the politicians or the diplomats. Go to the new experts: Palestinian children. Unlike the rest of the world, they’ve been paying close attention to what their leaders and educators have been teaching them and they are ready to practice what they have been taught.

For instance, children interviewed on PA TV last week state clearly and without reservation that Israel has no right to exist, and that their goals for which they’re willing to sacrifice their lives is Israel’s destruction and the expulsion of all Israelis.

“They [the Jews] came to take Palestine, that is Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa, Acco, Ramle. All these cities belong to Palestine,” one youth explains in the broadcast, echoing years of standard Palestinian Authority (PA) indoctrination. And because he is convinced that Israel has no right to exist: “We hope, hope, hope and I emphasize these things, that the Arab countries and the foreign countries, all the countries of the world, will support the Palestinians and will expel the Israelis.”

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