Photo Essay: Scenes from The Hague

Carrie Devorah, a photojournalist in Washington DC, and the sister of Chezi Goldberg who was murdered in the Jan. 29th Jerusalem bus bombing, went to The Hague to document the events.

Jews light memorial candles outside The Hague, in memory of the 927 terror victims.

Zaka, the emergency team who gathers bits of bodies after a terror attack, shipped a bombed Egged bus to be displayed outside The Hague.

The bombed Egged bus arrives at the Amsterdam airport.

Israeli Knesset Members, Wasil Taha (left) and Ahmad Tibi, flew to The Hague to join in the protest against Israeli policy.

Pro-Palestinian protesters call for Western leaders to be put behind bars.

The mother of Israeli terror victim Gila Kessler pleads for protection against mass murderers.

927 dead. 927 reasons for the anti-terror fence.

Arabs decry the need for a fence.

With The Hague looming in the background, an advocate of the anti-terror fence stands against the demonstrators.

U.S. Congressman Robert Wexler (D-Florida, pictured here with faces of Israeli victims in the background) and Cong. Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) flew to The Hague in support of Israel. Says Wexler: “[The] International Court of Justice is being hijacked by nations and groups for political purposes, rather than for the good of both Israelis and Palestinians.”

Arab boy crouches under massive Palestinian flag.

Arab protester against the fence.

The father of an Israeli terror victim articulates how the fence is reversible, but death is not.

The photographer of this series, Carrie Devorah (center, wearing cap), joins a vigil outside The Hague with relatives of terror victims. She is holding a photo of her brother Chezi Goldberg, murdered in the Jan. 29, 2004 Jerusalem bus bombing.