Photojournalism, or staged emotion?

While a number of photojournalists were taking yet another photo of Palestinian suffering, Enric Marti of the AP shot the scene from a far more telling angle, including the photographers themselves:

Photographers take pictures of a Palestinian woman as she cries next to the 8-meter-tall wall part of the barrier Israel is building to separate the outskirts of Jerusalem from the West Bank in the village of Abu Dis Saturday Feb. 7, 2004. Around a thousand Israeli and Palestinians rallied against the controversial security barrier that is meant, according to Israel, to keep suicide bombers out. Others condemn the barrier, which dips deep into the West Bank in some areas, as a land grab. (AP Photo/Enric Marti)

One has to wonder if the woman’s crying began before she encountered the photographers, or after. Were they merely ‘capturing the scene’, or making it?

UPDATE: Roger Simon calls this “one of the most graphic portrayals of media dishonesty I have ever seen.”

Instapundit says the picture “demonstrat[es] just how manufactured much reporting is,” and reminds us of this similar picture, from Cancun.

(Hat tip: LGF)