Premature Palestine

As a political debate rages in Israel whether or not to support the creation of a Palestinian state, much of the world media seems to have prematurely concluded that such a state already exists.

Consider two recent examples in The New York Times:

– An article by Ian Fisher refers to “the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

– An article by Steven R. Weisman refers to “Palestinian territories [that Israel] has occupied since the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.”

On what basis does The New York Times call these “Palestinian territories”? In reality, there has never been a sovereign Arab entity called “Palestine.” And prior to 1967, the West Bank and Gaza Strip were controlled by Jordan and Egypt, respectively. So on what basis can these lands legitimately be called “Palestinian”?

It seems that The New York Times has fallen for the historical revisionism that Palestinian propagandists are trying to promote.

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Below we present three examples of twisting the current political reality in favor of the Palestinians:

(1) A business magazine reports that in Egypt, the local McDonald’s outlets have introduced the McFalafel, “rolled out behind an ad jingle sung by Shabaan Abdel Rahim, best known for his chart-topping hit ‘I Hate Israel.'”,1640,45496,FF.html

Meanwhile, the online job application from Pakistan’s division of McDonald’s has a pull-down menu for the applicant’s religion. The specific options are Islam (the default), Christianity, Hindu and Sikh. Are Jews not welcome?

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(2) The Phone company ATT-Wireless uses Palestine as a recognized country. See the ATT site at:

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(3) The YMCA produced commemorative t-shirts that list all YMCAs around the world, including countries like Madagascar, Malta and Zimbabwe. Curiously, Palestine — a country that does not exist — is listed, while Israel is not. A famous YMCA is located across from the King David Hotel in western Jerusalem. (A YMCA spokesperson expressed regret over the incident.)

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