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HonestReporting’s team members don’t just critique the media – they also contribute on TV, radio and print to the debate on media bias. Below is a selection of HonestReporting press appearances from around the globe:

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06 April 2017   Philos Project premieres new documentary about journalism in Gaza, Israel, Hillsdale Collegian

17 Mar 2017      Unbelievable…writes Simon Plosker, J-Wire

14 Mar 2017      Simon Plosker on the Howard Feldman show, Chai FM (South Africa)

07 Mar 2017     Simon Plosker on the Howard Feldman show, Chai FM (South Africa)

02 Mar 2017     Rubinger’s moment: A lesson in time, Joe Hyams, Times of Israel

28 Feb 2017      Simon Plosker on the Howard Feldman show, Chai FM (South Africa)

21 Feb 2017      Simon Plosker on the Howard Feldman show, Chai FM (South Africa)

20 Feb 2017      A journalist’s blind view of Israel, Simon Plosker, J-Wire

15 Feb 2017      Agents of Their Own Destruction – Are Palestinians Victims or Actors?, Denis MacEoin, Gatestone Institute

14 Feb 2017      Simon Plosker on the Howard Feldman show, Chai FM (South Africa)

07 Feb 2017      Simon Plosker on the Howard Feldman show, Chai FM (South Africa)

09 Feb 2017      Amnesty apology for Israeli ban post, Australian Jewish News

31 Jan 2017       Simon Plosker on the Howard Feldman show, Chai FM (South Africa)

24 Jan 2017      Grapevine, Jerusalem Post

24 Jan 2017      Simon Plosker on the Howard Feldman show, Chai FM (South Africa)

16 Jan 2017      Simon Plosker on the Howard Feldman show, Chai FM (South Africa)

11 Jan 2017       Time to end the tolerance of the intolerable, The Suburban

09 Jan 2017      BBC describes terror attack as ‘shooting of truck driver’, Israel National News

06 Jan 2017      Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist in New Zealand Media, Simon Plosker, J-Wire

26 Dec 2016     BDS Ties Could Put Israel-based Australian Journalist in Hot Water, Haaretz

21 Dec 2016     ‘Enquête exclusive’ sur Jérusalem : anti-sionisme ou anti-journalisme?, Times of Israel (French)

21 Dec 2016      Hail Six ‘Most Dishonest Reporters of 2016,’ Jewish Press

19 Dec 2016     Journalist May Lose Work Permit Over BDS Allegations, Hamodia

19 Dec 2016     Journalist suspected of BDS activism may have to leave Israel, i24News

19 Dec 2016      Alleged BDS activist writer may be forced to leave Israel, Jerusalem Post

16 Dec 2016     Honest Reporting Exposes Accredited Journalist Loewenstein as BDS Activist, J-Wire

06 Dec 2016     Author of New York Times Magazine Jerusalem Article Signed Pro-Boycott Petition, Ira Stoll, The Algemeiner

06 Dec 2016     New York Times Fails To Mention Author’s Ties To Anti-Israel NGO, Breitbart News

02 Dec 2016     Erasing Golda Meir, Yvette Alt Miller, Heritage Florida Jewish News

22 Nov 2016     Nothing Left, Simon Plosker on J-Air Radio (from 1 hr 11 mins)

18 Nov 2016     Wire Services Play Major Role in Anti-Israel Coverage, Simon Plosker, The Algemeiner

17 Nov 2016      Fort Lee Conference Gives Educators Tools to Prep Students on Israel, Jewish Link of New Jersey

15 Nov 2016     Only Because Of Trump Did The Media Suddenly Care About Anti-Semitism, Bethany Mandel, The Federalist

4 Nov 2016        Media Watchdog Calls Out Reuters for False Reporting on West Bank Water Shortage Story, The Algemeiner

1 Nov 2016         Calling Trump a liar sets a thorny precedent, Columbia Journalism Review

29 Sept 2016     Double Standards for Allepo and Gaza, Simon Plosker, The Algemeiner

29 Sept 2016     NYT Misinforms Readers By Blaming Second Intifada on Sharon, Breitbart News

27 Sept 2016     NPR Turns Terrorist Killed in IDF Raid Into a Victim, Breitbart News

14 Sept 2016     Newsweek Middle East editor posts anti-Semitic invective following criticism, JTA / Times of Israel / Haaretz

13 Sept 2016     Newsweek’s Middle East edition accused of biased anti-Israel propaganda, European Jewish Press

13 Sept 2016     Newsweek Middle East Editor Goes on Anti-Semitic Twitter Rant, The Tower

12 Sept 2016     Major Jewish Group: Newsweek Must Take Action to Save Its ‘Hard-Earned Journalist Brand From Bigots and Propagandists’, The Algemeiner

19 July 2016     Nothing Left, Yarden Frankl on J-Air Radio

19 July 2016     Australia’s Daily Telegraph Omits Israelis From List of Terror Victims on Newspaper Cover, The Algemeiner

15 July 2016      Media Watchdog Groups Slam CNN for Omission of Terror Attacks Against Israelis From List of Worldwide Incidents, The Algemeiner

5 July 2016        Watchdog: Pressure on Canadian Paper Leading to Amendment of Headline About Slaughter of 13-Year-Old Kiryat Arba Girl Serves as Warning Against Double Standards in Israel Coverage, The Algemeiner

5 July 2016        5th annual ‘Hasby Awards’ pay tribute to work of pro-Israel Internet activists, Jerusalem Post

1 July 2016         Simon Plosker rebutting charges that Israel had cut off Palestinian water supplies, Drive Time, Voice of Islam radio

July 2016           Biased Headlines Make The News, Simon Plosker, Jewish Review (Canada), Issue 7, Summer 2016

28 June 2016    Media Watchdog Exposes Israel-Hitler Comparison in Prominent South African Newspaper Op-Ed, The Algemeiner

24 June 2016    How dare Europe applaud a blood-libeler?, Ruthie Blum, Israel Hayom

23 June 2016    My Word: Blood libels thicker than water, Liat Collins, Jerusalem Post

22 June 2016    Radio New Zealand does it again, J-Wire (Australia)

17 June 2016    Watchdog: False ‘Water War’ Reporting Highlights Media Willingness to Frame Israel as ‘Malevolent Force’ Oppressing Palestinians, The Algemeiner

9 June 2016     Media Watchdogs: Russian News Outlet RT Wins Top Prize for Most ‘Appalling’ and ‘Dramatically Absurd’ Headline in Coverage of Tel Aviv Terror Attack, The Algemeiner

9 June 2016     Watch: MSNBC hosts blame Tel Aviv terror on… Israel, Israel National News

8 June 2016     The Committee to Protect Journalists and HonestReporting, Anne Klausner, The Algemeiner

7 June 2016      Nothing Left, Simon Plosker on J-Air Radio

20 May 2016    Wellington Palestinian group’s complaint upheld, J-Wire (Australia)

16 May 2016    Media expert Kenzer to speak, Florida Sun Sentinel

9 May 2016      Euronews Headline Turns Palestinian Terrorist Into Victim, Breitbart News

5 May 2016       Keeping them honest, J-Wire (Australia)

4 May 2016      Press Release: Expands East Coast Presence in Response to Overwhelming Demand

20 Apr 2016     Media Watchdogs Blast ‘Salon’ for ‘Gross Misrepresentation’ of State Department Report on Israel, The Algemeiner

20 Apr 2016     CNN headlined bus bomb attack in Jerusalem a ‘bus fire,’ European Jewish Press

20 Apr 2016     CNN Accused of Calling Attack in Jerusalem a ‘Bus Fire’ After Officials Say They Confirmed It Was an Attack, The Blaze

19 Apr 2016      CNN Fails to Mention Jerusalem Bus Bomb was Terror Attack, Breitbart News

18 Apr 2016     Watchdog Groups Blast CNN for ‘Bus Fire’ Headline Following Major Terror Bombing in Jerusalem, The Algemeiner

13 Apr 2016      NYT Publishes Article Claiming State of Israel Replaced Palestinian Homeland, Breitbart News

12 Apr 2016       Grapevine, Jerusalem Post

10 Apr 2016      Media Watchdog Slams Newsweek for ‘Apartheid in Maternity Room’ Headline on Article About Israeli Hospitals, The Algemeiner

28 Mar 2016     Flying in the face of BDS: What fuels the hate?, Joe Hyams, Times of Israel

21 Mar 2016      International Federation of Journalists Defends Palestinian Incitement, Steve Emerson, The Algemeiner

11 Mar 2016      As the terror lingers on, Emily Gian, J-Wire (Australia)

9 Mar 2016       World media distorts terror reports as violence surges, Israel National News

3 Mar 2016       Guardian Column: Jewish ‘Collective Memory’ Deformed Israeli Society, Breitbart News

3 Mar 2016       Israel vs. the foreign media: when the headlines make their own headlines, JNS

24 Feb 2016     The foreign press corps’ dangerous blind spot, Joe Hyams, Times of Israel

24 Feb 2016     The hypocrisy of the foreign media, Judith Bergman, Israel Hayom

10 Feb 2016     Israel “witch-hunting” the foreign press?, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

4 Feb 2016        Media Watchdog Demands Accountability From CBS Over ‘Misleading’ Headline on Terrorist Attack, Even After It Was Changed, The Algemeiner

27 Jan 2016      NPR apologizes for map that erased Israel, Times of Israel

27 Jan 2016      New York Times again vilifies Israel without facts, Israel National News

27 Jan 2016      NYT Publishes Lengthy Correction on Article Slamming Israel, Breitbart News

26 Jan 2016      NPR Erases Israel From the Map, Breitbart News

25 Jan 2016      NPR illustrative photo wipes Israel off the map, Jerusalem Post

25 Jan 2016      NPR Publishes Map Replacing Israel With ‘Palestine’, The Algemeiner

25 Jan 2016      Two months after CNN, NPR wipes Israel off the map, Israel National News

25 Jan 2016      NPR’s Error-Filled Map: An Explanation, Elizabeth Jensen, NPR

25 Jan 2016      Haaretz’s Owner Proves Paper Has an Anti-Israel Political Agenda, Simon Plosker, The Algemeiner

19 Jan 2016      Palestinian Murderer of Mother of Six Not Newsworthy For CNN, Times, Breitbart News

19 Jan 2016      Why was Dafna Meir ignored by the international media?, Joe Hyams, Times of Israel

18 Jan 2016      Media Watchdog: ‘Palestinian Terrorism No Longer Deemed Newsworthy?’, The Algemeiner

13 Jan 2016      Grapevine: A hot reception, Jerusalem Post

10 Jan 2016      NYT admits it got ‘hipster Palestinians’ wrong, Israel National News

6 Jan 2016        ‘Anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism are the same thing,’ Israel National News

17 Dec 2015      News Media Equate Terrorism With Israel’s Defense From Attacks, Breitbart News

10 Dec 2015      Facebook censors pro-Israel group, ignores anti-Semitic groups, Washington Examiner

29 Nov 2015     CNN Erases Israel From The Map, Fox News Nation

29 Nov 2015     CNN Removed This Mideast Map After Goof. Can You Spot the Mistake?, The Blaze

27 Nov 2015     We are (not) on the map, Israel Hayom (Hebrew)

27 Nov 2015     CNN report features map labeling Israel as ‘Palestina,’ Israel Hayom

27 Nov 2015     CNN omits Israel from Middle East map, Times of Israel

26 Nov 2015     CNN Wipes Israel Off the Map, Breitbart News

26 Nov 2015    CNN wipes Israel off of the map, Jerusalem Post

26 Nov 2015    CNN map replaces ‘Israel’ with ‘Palestina,’ YNet News

26 Nov 2015    CNN wipes Israel off the map, Israel National News

26 Nov 2015    CNN posts Middle East map that doesn’t show Israel, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

18 Nov 2015     NYT Equates Israeli Online Anti-Terrorist Game With Real Palestinian Terrorists Killing Innocents, Breitbart News

9 Nov 2015      With terror abound in Israel, is news reporting feeding the beast?, JNS

26 Oct 2015     CNN Israel Headline During Clinton Benghazi Hearing Creates Outrage, Jspace News

23 Oct 2015     Many Are Outraged By These 5 Words CNN Displayed During Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony, Western Journalism

20 Oct 2015     NYTimes Advertisement Targets Media Coverage Of Israel, ABC News Channel 9

20 Oct 2015     Murderers into Martyrs: How lies that turn terrorists into innocent victims are fueling the current wave of violence in Israel, Or Avi-Guy, AIJAC

16 Oct 2015      Mailbag: Strong Opinions On Two Hot Button Issues, Elizabeth Jensen, NPR

15 Oct 2015      Incitement: Bassem Tamimi spreads claim Israel arrests Palestinian children to harvest organs, William Jacobson, Legal Insurrection

14 Oct 2015     Undercover agents and provocateurs – a world of difference, Ahron Shapiro, AIJAC

14 Oct 2015      In European coverage of Israel, confusion over who is attacking whom, Arizona Jewish Post

13 Oct 2015      In European coverage of Israel, confusion over who is attacking whom, Times of Israel

13 Oct 2015      In European Coverage Of Israel, Confusion Over Who Is Attacking Whom, The Jewish Week

13 Oct 2015      In European coverage of Israel, confusion over who is attacking whom, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

13 Oct 2015      Criticize harmful media bias in Israel reporting, The Justice

12 Oct 2015      ‘Israeli Forces Kill Boy’ – How UK Paper Reported Stabbing, Israel National News

16 Sept 2015    Watchdog Accuses New York Times of Acting as ‘Apologist’ for Palestinian Rock-Throwing, The Algemeiner

20 Aug 2015    BDS Group that Banned Matisyahu: ‘That Wasn’t BDS,’ Israel National News

19 Aug 2015     Israel is not on Royal Jordanian’s map, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

10 Aug 2015     ‘Bigotry, Pure and Simple,’ James Taranto, Wall Street Journal

6 Jul 2015        Does CNN Think the Messiah is Coming?, Israel National News

5 Jul 2015        Dome of Rock tops CNN list of sites on ‘verge of extinction’; no place for Palmyra, Times of Israel

5 Jul 2015        Dome of the Rock tops CNN list of structures on verge of extinction, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

16 Jun 2015     Get Right Inside HonestReporting, The Jewish Press

5 Jun 2015       The Islamic State May Soon Be a Direct Threat to Israel, The Algemeiner

6 May 2015      ‘Breaking the Silence’ report on Gaza conflict ‘lacks credibility and objectivity’, says watchdog group, European Jewish Press

6 May 2015     Confusion over the question of Israel’s ‘capital,’ Alex Lo, South China Morning Post

27 Apr 2015     Backlash Across Medical Community Against The Lancet After Anti-Israel Letter, The Tower

26 Apr 2015     A picture is worth 1,000 words, Michigan City News-Dispatch

26 Apr 2015     Lancet Petitioned over Anti-Israel ‘Hate Propaganda,’ Israel National News

2 Apr 2015       BBC’s Jeremy Bowen criticised for Khaled Meshaal interview, Jewish News

30 Mar 2015   UK Columnist: Israel ‘More Wicked and Dangerous’ Than Hamas, Israel National News

23 Mar 2015    For Israel Haters, Conspiracy Lurks Even in Food Ads, Alex Margolin, The Algemeiner

6 Mar 2015      BDS and ‘Cultural’ Boycotts, Alex Margolin, The Algemeiner

25 Feb 2015    Irish Times Journalist ‘Won’t Interact With Zionists’, Israel National News

24 Feb 2015     The “Flood Libel” Propagandists of 2015, Seth Mandel, Commentary Magazine

24 Feb 2015    Daily Mail geography fail: UK paper claimed Israel flooded ‘Gaza’s major West Bank cities’, Jerusalem Post

23 Feb 2015    The Daily Beast Shows its Support for BDS, Alex Margolin, The Algemeiner

23 Feb 2015    BBC reporter Tim Willcox to escape Paris censure, Jewish News

20 Feb 2015    How Israel Can Fight Hostile Media, Manfred Gerstenfeld, Israel National News

28 Jan 2015   BBC Arabic Official Refuses to Call Paris Attacks ‘Terrorism’, Alex Margolin, The Algemeiner

16 Feb 2015    Copenhagen terror: They just don’t get it, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

3 Feb 2015      How About Giving Israel’s Views a Chance?, Alex Margolin, The Jewish Week

27 Jan 2015    BBC Asks ‘Is it Time to Lay the Holocaust to Rest?’, Israel National News

27 Jan 2015   BBC’s Holocaust Tweet Shocker, The Jewish Press

12 Jan 2015    BBC Reporter Cited for Bias In Paris Rally Coverage, Hamodia

12 Jan 2015    BBC Anchor Apologizes for ‘Anti-Semitic’ Comment at Paris Rally, Israel National News

9 Jan 2015     Algerian Islamists call to ‘strike Jews’ in celebration of Paris attack, Times of Israel / Jewish Telegraphic Agency / Haaretz

9 Jan 2015     CNN’s Jim Clancy Melts Down on Twitter Over Paris Massacre’s Cause, Newsbusters

8 Jan 2015     Senior CNN Man in Bizarre Anti-Israel Tirade after Paris Attack, Israel National News

8 Jan 2015      CNN Anchor Jim Clancy Derides Pro-Israel Opponents, Insults Disabled, in Angry Twitter Exchange, The Algemeiner

19 Dec 2014    Teen Israel advocates make a difference, Jewish Advocate

16 Dec 2014    Nothing Left, Simon Plosker on J-Air Radio

20 Nov 2014   CBS Blasted for Claiming Jerusalem Slayings Took Place at ‘Contested Religious Site’, The Algemeiner

19 Nov 2014    Gaffe-Filled CNN Report Has Attack on Mosque, Hamodia

18 Nov 2014   Media Gaffes Mark Coverage of Palestinian Atrocity at Jerusalem Synagogue; CNN Says Attack Took Place in Mosqu, The Algemeiner

10 Nov 2014   Small experiences with Big Media, Manfred Gerstenfeld, Jerusalem Post

5 Nov 2014     Another Misleading Headline on a Palestinian Terror Story, From the BBC, The Algemeiner

5 Nov 2014     Honest Reporting demands: News media should treat Israel like any other country, Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle

30 Oct 2014    Too Far? Haaretz Cartoon Shows Netanyahu as 9/11 Terrorist, Israel National News

29 Oct 2014    3 headlines that mislead readers, Student News Daily

26 Oct 2014    HR Managing Editor Simon Plosker interviewed by Daniel Seaman, Voice of Israel

15 Oct 2014    Carmel Valley native wins Blankfeld Award for Media Critique, Carmel Valley Times

30 Sept 2014  San Diagan Wins Media Critique Award, San Diego Jewish World

25 Aug 2014   Time retracts claim that Israeli troops harvested Palestinian organs, Haaretz

25 Aug 2014    TIME Mag Forced to Edit Israel Blood Libel From Report, Breitbart News

25 Aug 2014    TIME Magazine Retracts Jewish ‘Blood Libel’ Piece, Shalom Life

25 Aug 2014   Busted: Time Magazine Tried To Smear Israel With False Allegations And It Just Backfired Big Time, Western Journalism

25 Aug 2014    Bias, Blood Libels, and the Media’s Race to the Bottom, Seth Mandel, Commentary Magazine

25 Aug 2014    Time magazine retracts claim of IDF harvesting Palestinian organs, JNS

25 Aug 2014    Time retracts IDF organ harvesting allegation, Times of Israel

25 Aug 2014   Time Magazine publishes, then retracts, blood libel on Jews, American Thinker

25 Aug 2014   Magazine retracts IDF organ harvesting claim, i24 News

24 Aug 2014   TIME Magazine Retracts IDF Organ Theft Claim Following Criticism, The Algemeiner

24 Aug 2014    Honest Reporting: Time Magazine Spews Blood Libel, Breitbart News

13 Aug 2014     Protestors in NYC Decry CNN’s Coverage of Operation Protective Edge, The Jewish Voice

8 Aug 2014       Hundreds Of Young Pro-Israelis, Activists Protest CNN’s Anti-Israel Bias Coverage, JP Updates

8 Aug 2014      In front of CNN, hundreds protest anti-Israel media bias, Times of Israel

1 Aug 2014      Sickening: Anti-Semitic Agenda of Medical Papers, YNet News (Hebrew)

22 Jul 2014      Everything But the Truth, Mishpacha Magazine

21 Jul 2014      International Iron Dome Media Campaign Needs Your Help !!. The Jewish Voice

15 Jul 2014      ‘Social media ceasefire’ for 17th of Tammuz sparks debate, Times of Israel

18 Jun 2014    Our World: Ignoring the elephant, Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post

18 Jun 2014    For The New York Times, It’s the Palestinians Who Are Suffering, Simon Plosker, The Algemeiner

15 Jun 2014     Kidnapping Teens or Building Homes: Which Hurts Peace?, Yarden Frankl, Israel National News

11 Jun 2014    Appreciating the Flavors of Biased Journalism, Yarden Frankl, Israel National News

5 Jun 2014       It’s time to make the establishment uncomfortable, Diane Weber Bederman, Shalom Toronto

3 Jun 2014       Hamas in 10 Words or Less, Yarden Frankl, Israel National News

1 Jun 2014        Wake Up Diaspora – Take Courage from Israel, Diane Weber Bederman, Times of Israel

29 May 2014   Jerusalem in 10 Words or Less, Yarden Frankl, Israel National News

29 May 2014   Tony Blair’s Sister-in-Law Lauren Booth Slammed for ‘Anti-Semitic’ Tweet, The Algemeiner

25 May 2014   Is Israel a Monster?, Yarden Frankl, Israel National News

25 May 2014   Does Haaretz’s public stance on ‘occupation’ reveal anything new about the paper?, JNS

13 May 2014    The Media’s Price Tag, Yarden Frankl, Israel National News

11 May 2014   Amnesty Investigator Admits: Palestinian ‘Witnesses’ Often Lie, Israel National News

30 Apr 2014    Pro-Israel Arab Christian Condemned By Family, Israel National News

28 Apr 2014    Christian Arab Slams PA’s Use of Children as Human Shields, Israel National News

2 Apr 2014      Palestinians Fighting to Ban Israel From World Soccer, Alex Margolin, The Algemeiner

3 Mar 2014     Irish journalist abuses Holocaust to attack Israel, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

26 Feb 2014   BDS: You Can’t Fight for Justice With Hypocrisy, Alex Margolin, The Algemeiner

17 Feb 2014   HR Managing Editor Simon Plosker speaking about his visit to the Mishor Adumim SodaStream factory, Tamar Yonah Show, Israel National Radio

3 Feb 2014      Seeing SodaStream for myself, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

2 Feb 2014      SodaStream shows that BDS is the real obstacle to peace, Alex Margolin, Times of Israel

30 Jan 2014   The Economist Says Sorry for Offensive Cartoon, JTA 

27 Jan 2014   Honest Reporting award for WA Friends of Israel, J-Wire (Australia)

21 Jan 2014    Jewish Groups Demand Apology for Economist’s ‘Anti-Semitic’ Cartoon, JSpace

21 Jan 2014    Economist partly removes ‘anti-Semitic’ cartoon after criticism, Times of Israel

20 Jan 2014   Economist Spikes Anti-Semitic Cartoon, Washington Free Beacon

1 Jan 2014       How the New York Times Slandered Israel in 2013, Simon Plosker, The Algemeiner

29 Dec 2013    Mazal tov New York Times!, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

26 Dec 2013    Killed Reuters Photographer Tried to Join Al Qaeda, Israel National News

4 Dec 2013       More Pallywood: How Palestinians turn their stone throwers into victims, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

28 N ov 2013  Are there any honest reporters anymore?, Jim Fletcher, World Net Daily

26 Nov 2013   Gary Kenzer on the media bias towards Israel, theDove (TV)

20 Nov 2013   NYT: Where are your bloody photos?, Joe Hyams, Times of Israel

19 Nov 2013    NYT Admits ‘Poor Choice’ of Photo in Story on Murdered IDF Soldier, Tablet Magazine

18 Nov 2013    Analysis: For the New York Times, has Israeli blood become cheap?, JerusalemOnline

17 Nov 2013    Netanyahu, New York Times Spa Over Iran, Hamodia

6 Oct 2013        Are CNN’s Iran Reports Biased, Inept, or Corrupt?, Israel Today

2 Oct 2013        Say no to the demonization of Israel, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

2 Oct 2013        Iran Learns the Language of the West, Simon Plosker, The Algemeiner

16 Sept 2013   Sri Lankan Student Receives Honest Media Award, Israel National News

7 Aug 2013     Israel Ambassador Oren Slams New York Times Article on Palestinian Rock-Throwers; Says it ‘Dehumanized’ Israeli Victims, The Algemeiner

4 Jul 2013        Newspaper apologizes for printing cartoon showing Israel as ‘Moloch’, Jerusalem Post

27 Jun 2013     The Australian Media’s Distortion of Truth, Gabsy Debinsky, J-Wire (Australia / New Zealand)

30 May 2013   Countering the assaults on Israel, Barry Shaw, Jerusalem Post

29 May 2013    Israel applauded for findings in al-Dura case, Canadian Jewish News

17 May 2013    Countering the Global Media Assault on Israel, Jerusalem Post

2 May 2013      BBC pulls documentary claiming story of Jewish exodus from Jerusalem is a ‘myth’, Haaretz

1 May 2013      BBC slammed for pulling documentary on Jewish exodus from Jerusalem, JTA

19 Apr 2013     Anti-Zionism ‘Turns Into Anti-Semitism’, Jewish Telegraph (UK)

18 Mar 2013    A bit of hasbara heresy, Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post

4 Mar 2013      Irish host censured for Israel ‘cancer’ slur, YNet News

8 Feb 2013       Video – Financial Times writer apologises for blaming Israel, Jewish News One (TV)

8 Feb 2013        Burgas Bus Bombing – an analysis, Emily Gian, J-Wire

8 Feb 2013        UN agency fires anti-Israel tweeter, JTA

7 Feb 2013        Cameron: help me kick Hizbollah out of Europe, Jewish Chronicle

6 Feb 2013        Watchdogs on the Media Battlefield, Jerusalem Report

6 Feb 2013        Watchdogs on the media battlefield, Jerusalem Post

31 Jan 2013      Did an Offensive Cartoon Expose Our Own Failings?, Simon Plosker, The Algemeiner

30 Jan 2013      Anti-Netanyahu cartoon is called ‘blood libel’, Washington Jewish Week

28 Jan 2013      Sunday Times Editor Responds to Outpouring of Criticism Over ‘Blood Libel’ Cartoon, The Algemeiner

27 Jan 2013     Sunday Times criticised for Israel cartoon on Holocaust Memorial Day, Jewish Chronicle

27 Jan 2013     ADL Slams Sunday Times ‘Blood Libel’ Cartoon Published on Holocaust Memorial Day, Calls For Immediate Apology, The Algemeiner

27 Jan 2013      Anti-Israel cartoon in London’s Sunday Times called ‘blood libel’, JTA

18 Jan 2013      Israeli diplomatic incompetence, Barry Shaw, Jerusalem Post

17 Jan 2013      Canadian Network Names Tel Aviv as Israel’s Capital, Israel National News

17 Jan 2013      The seeds of a Media Intifada, Simon Plosker, The Commentator

17 Jan 2013      A Morsi moment in the media, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

9 Jan 2013         Jewish leaders in Australia say media not so ‘fair and balanced’ on Israel, Haaretz

21 Dec 2012      Not the most wanted award, Jewish Chronicle

19 Dec 2012     ‘Irish Times’ offers a guide for boycotting Israel, John Lalor, Jerusalem Post

18 Dec 2012      Ha’aretz Writer ‘Wins’ 2012 Prize for ‘Dishonest Reporting’, Israel National News

5 Dec 2012        How Israel Can do Better in the Propaganda War, Dr. Jack E. Friedman, Israel National News

19 Nov 2012     Sun News credits HR on Pallywood (TV)

18 Nov 2012     Beware of ‘Pallywood’ Magic, The Algemeiner

16 Nov 2012     ‘PALLYWOOD’: Israel accuses enemies of fake casualties,

17 Oct 2012      Feeling judgemental? Think twice, Joe Hyams, The Commentator

11 Oct 2012       How to make a great first impression, Joe Hyams, Times of Israel

5 Oct 2012         Guardian ‘violated accuracy’ over the status of Jerusalem, Jewish News (UK)

5 Oct 2012         PCC rules on Guardian capital offence, Jewish Telegraph (UK)

4 Oct 2012         UK Press Commission to Media: Stop Lying About Israel’s Capital, Commentary Magazine

2 Oct 2012         UK media watchdog rules: Tel Aviv is not the capital, Times of Israel

21 Sep 2012      Winnipeg student wins $2000 journalism award, Jewish Post & News (Canada)

19 Sep 2012      U of T student wins inaugural journalism award, Jewish Tribune (Canada)

25 Aug 2012     Defining Israel’s capital, Trevor Asserson & Baruch Baigel, Jerusalem Post

24 Aug 2012     Capital question for press regulator, Trevor Asserson & Baruch Baigel, Jewish Chronicle

16 Aug 2012     Letter: Honest Reporting and The Guardian, Simon Plosker, Jewish News (UK)

12 Aug 2012     Righting a capital offense, Simon Plosker, Jerusalem Post

9 Aug 2012       Guardian correction, Jewish News (UK)

9 Aug 2012       The Guardian apologises for referring to Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, European Jewish Press

8 Aug 2012       The Guardian Changes Style Guide on Israel’s Capital, Again, JSpace

8 Aug 2012       ‘Guardian’ retracts claim that Tel Aviv is capital, Jerusalem Post

8 Aug 2012       Guardian’s Grudging Mea (Not Quite) Culpa Highlights Need for UK Reform, Hadar Sela, Algemeiner

8 Aug 2012       Guardian Retracts Tel Aviv Capital Claim, Jewish Daily Forward / JTA

8 Aug 2012       The Guardian retracts claim that Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital, Shalom Life

8 Aug 2012       Guardian: We were wrong to call Tel Aviv Israel’s capital, Times of Israel

8 Aug 2012       Guardian withdraws ‘Tel Aviv is Israel’ claims, Jewish Chronicle

22 June 2012   IDF and global watchdog complain of Gaza media bias, Jewish News One – (TV)

16 June 2012   IBA News (segment begins at 16.35 mins.) – (TV) HR CEO Joe Hyams is interviewed on efforts to ensure that Israel is presented fairly in the international media.

13 June 2012   How the Mavi Marmara sank Israel’s public diplomacy, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

10 June 2012  Israel National News Radio, The Tamar Yonah Show – (RADIO) HR CEO Joe Hyams explains the importance of the quest for honesty in reporting on the Mideast conflict.

10 June 2012  Der Sturmer in the UK?, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

1 June 2012     Media Watchdog Launches ‘Inside Israel’ Program, Israel National News

1 June 2012     HonestReporting Launches Israel Advocacy Mission, Jewish Press

31 May 2012   HonestReporting to Launch Milestone Nondenominational Israel Advocacy Mission, Baltimore Jewish Life

30 May 2012   Honest Reporting celebrates 15th ‘Inside Israel’ Mission, Times of Israel

24 May 2012   PCC backs Guardian over Jerusalem, Jewish Chronicle

23 May 2012   UK, Guardian Say Israel’s Capital is Tel Aviv, Not Jerusalem: HonestReporting Complaint Rejected, Jewish News One – (TV)

22 May 2012   Guardian not wrong to say Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital, panel says, LA Jewish Journal

22 May 2012   U.K. press panel: Guardian right to say Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital, Ha’aretz

22 May 2012   Guardian not wrong to say Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital, UK press complaints panel decides, Times of Israel

22 May 2012   Guardian not wrong to say Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital, panel says, Jewish Telegraphic Agency

22 May 2012   British Mandate Circa 2012, Suggests Media Watchdog, Israel National News

17 May 2012   They don’t like us – should we care?, Simon Plosker, Times of Israel

30 Apr 2012    Watching the International Media: HonestReporting, Manfred Gerstenfeld, Israel National News

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26 Jan 2009     World Have Your Say, BBC World Service – (RADIO) HR Managing Editor Simon Plosker discusses whether an aid appeal for Gaza undermines the BBC’s impartiality. (Go to 36 – 44 minutes to listen to the segment.)

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14 Feb 2007    WNWR, Philadelphia, ZOA Middle East Report – (RADIO) HonestReporting Managing Editor Simon Plosker discusses media distortions fuelling the unwarranted hysteria surrounding Israeli excavations near the Temple Mount. (Go to 18:50 in the show to hear this interview.)

4 Sep 2006      Anti-Israel Bias – An Endless Battle, CBN (Christian Broadcast Network)

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31 Jul 2006      Rhema Radio, New Zealand – (RADIO) HonestReporting Senior Editor Simon Plosker talks about the latest developments in the Lebanon conflict.

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