Prime Minister’s Office Calls Time Out

Ron Dermer, one of Bibi’s advisors, wrote an impressive letter to Time in response to the recent article, Israel’s Rightward Lurch Scares Some Conservatives.

After addressing reporter Karl Vick’s take on the Shin Bet, a possible oath of allegiance, an investigation into foreign funding of non-governmental organizations, odious calls on Jews to not rent property to Arabs, and other issues, Dermer adds:

Every decision in Israel is put under the microscope by one of world’s largest foreign press contingents, the hundreds of human rights organizations and NGOs that operate freely here, a famously adversarial local press and most critically, by a vociferous parliamentary opposition.

A separate cover story claiming Israelis aren’t interested in peace sparked HonestReporting readers to give Time and Vick the 2010 Dishonest Reporter award; it also triggered No Time For Israel: An In-Depth Analysis.