“Pro-Zionist Rats”: Venezuelan Media Attack Chavez Opposition

Henriques Capriles Radonski

2. The Socialist and pro-Chavez news website Aporrea.org has published articles labeling Zionism as fascist, and accusing Capriles of Zionist links. 

In the first example, the title “Capriles Radonski: fascist of the oligarch-bourgeoisie, Zionism and the Yankee Empire” pretty much says it all as “Zionist oligarchs” are claimed to be behind opposition to Chavez.

A second hate-filled article is titled: “The Zionist Henrique Capriles and the battle that is coming“. Here, Capriles is an “appendage of U.S. imperialism, as well as international Zionism” whose “religious and Jewish-Zionist political party” is connected to not only “the wealthy bourgeoisie and the organized Jewish community in Venezuela, but of the great world Zionist lobbies.”

The article speaks of ” dominance of Zionist lobbies on the right wing parties in the U.S. and Europe” while depicting Zionists (read “Jews”) as bourgeois outsiders. The following is included in the footnotes:

Henrique’s mother is Monica Cristina Capriles Radonski Bochenek, from a Russian-Polish Jewish family. His father, Henrique Capriles Garcia, a descendant of a family of Sephardic Jews of Curaçao. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henrique_Capriles_Radonski?oldid=cur 

This second article was written by Basem Tajeldine, who has published on his Twitter account, tweets such as:

  • “pro-Zionists rats belonging to Islamic groups in Libya destroy memorial statue of Gamal Abdel Nasser”
  • “Capriles Radonski won’t lack any resources for his global zionist campaign. The Government of Israel will intervene directly.”

In a third article titled “October 7th is written: Socialism against fascism, humanity´s destiny”, the author suggests that the “Zionists and Yankees have decided to go to the elections on October 7 with a candidate […] who comes from a wealthy, exploitative, Zionist and pro-imperialist family.”

These are but a small selection of articles that signify a worrying trend in the Venezuelan media, most of which is dominated by Hugo Chavez, as classical anti-Semitism dressed up as anti-Zionism is employed to attack the Venezuelan opposition party and its leader.

HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams adds:

This has nothing to do with legitimate political discourse and everything to do with Jew hatred. This sort of incitement should have no place in the media or in a political campaign and it should be condemned. I call on the government of Hugo Chavez to stop this anti-Semitic incitement immediately.

You can still register your disapproval by writing to Aporrea – puebloalzao@aporrea.org – or sending a message to Venezuela’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations – misionvene@venezuelaonu.gob.ve – expressing your outrage at the use of anti-Semitism in Venezuelan political discourse.

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Image: CC BY-NC-SA HonestReporting.com, flickr/phidauex, flickr/chavezcandanga.