Prominent Platform for Ashrawi

Former PLO spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi has developed a reputation as an articulate advocate for the Palestinian cause, appearing often on TV, in print media, and at high-profile events. This, despite Ashrawi’s long record of as an apologist for terrorism and denier of the most fundamental facts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

For example, in a 1996 radio interview, Ashrawi spoke threateningly of Palestinian plans for confrontation and the use of “field capabilities” (a euphemism for terror). In an interview with CBS in November 2000, Ashrawi falsely claimed that Palestinian Arab children were not being sent to engage in violence against Israelis: “Not even animals would send their children into battle.” And in her autobiography, ‘This Side of Peace’, Ashrawi repeatedly denounces Israeli ‘assaults’ on Palestinians, but in describing 30 years of Mideast history Ashrawi never once mentions a PLO terrorist attack.

Ashrawi has now been asked to deliver a speech at the prestigious J. Leo Dowd & Catherine Mellon Dowd Lecture Series, on Feb. 9 at the Berkshire Museum.

Ashrawi’s record of deliberate distortion and terror support should disqualify her from delivering a talk in such a respectable forum. HonestReporting encourages subscribers to voice concern for this appointment by calling the Dowmel Foundation, sponsors of the lecture series, at (413) 528-5486.