Radio Canada: ‘Israel Bears No Resemblance to Iran and Sudan’

Simon_durivage It should be obvious that Israel has nothing in common with Iran and Sudan, but it wasn't the case with Radio-Canada's Simon Durivage.

Durivage apologized for inapporpriately equating the countries after HonestReporting Canada readers took action.

More importantly than the apology, however, the Radio-Canada ombudsman's review (pdf format) sets an important precedent:

"Radio-Canada acknowledged that it was inappropriate to use Iran and Sudan as examples to illustrate the dangers of Canada's unconditional support for Israel."

". . . by erroneously associating Israel with Iran and Sudan, Simon Durivage did not adhere to one of the central principles of CBC/Radio-Canada's Journalistic Standards and Practices, that of accuracy."

"Associating Israel with Iran and Sudan in this way constituted a journalistic error."

It's now on the record that drawing moral equivalence between Israel and rogue states like Iran, Sudan (add North Korea and Cuba to the list too) is inappropriate journalism.

See HonestReporting Canada for the relevant videos, links and info.