Resources on Israel’s Peace Efforts

Are You Being Misled on Middle East Peace?

Our “Misled” video covers a broad range of initiatives, quotes, and research. This resource page backs up the points and offers in-depth reading.

Disengagement from Gaza

Teaching Peace and Co-Existence

Israeli Attitudes Towards Two-State Solution

West Bank Building Freeze

Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Recognizing A Palestinian State

  • Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech to U.S. Congress, May 2011
    • At 5:23 – 5:36: “All six Israeli Prime Ministers since the signing of the Oslo Accords agreed to establish a Palestinian state, myself included.”
    • At 7:57 – 8:02: “I stood before my people and I said I will accept a Palestinian state.”
  • Ehud Barak
    • At 14:47, he says (in middle of sentence): “…and we will do whatever could be done to bring peace for Israel and the middle east and a better future for all our children.”
  • Ehud Olmert (in Hebrew, subtitled in English)
    • At :40, he says “We want peace.”

Photos of Diplomacy and Negotiations


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