Reuters Refuses to Sack Pro-Palestinian Emailer

In September, the European Jewish Congress was roiled by a message sent from the Reuters email address of Svebor Kranjc, a Dutch camerman and picture editor, supporting the Palestinian statehood bid. The EJC pushed for Kranjc’s removal, saying he violated the journalistic code of impartiality.

Now, the JPost reports that Reuters is refusing to fire Kranjc:

A spokesperson for the news agency called the letter sent by Svebor Kranjc to the European Jewish Congress (EJC) last September regrettable but confirmed he would remain in his position.

“Both Reuters and the employee involved regret the incident, and Reuters has taken appropriate action,” a spokesperson wrote in an e-mail. “Our reputation for independence and objectivity has been hard-earned over many years, and we remain committed to preserving it.”

It is inconceivable that Reuters will continue to employ staff who so openly express ill-informed and ignorant opinions,” the EJC said. “We call upon Reuters, one of the oldest news agencies in the world and one that has a reputation for fair and balanced news, to remove employees who bring a political agenda into their work in journalism and media, and in their professional relations.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Reuters’ lack of concern for its own ethical guidelines.