Rosh Hashana Nightmare

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On Friday night (Sept. 26), an Islamic Jihad terrorist opened fire on a West Bank (Negohot) home filled with families sharing a Jewish New Year meal, murdering 7-month-old Shaked Abraham and 26-year-old Eyal Yerberbaum.

Media reports included many of the disturbing breaches of fair journalism that have characterized coverage of the past three years of Palestinian violence:

? BBC‘s headline, “Three Dead in West Bank Attack,” presents a gross moral equivalence between the terrorist and victims ? all of whom are grouped together, without specifying that one of the “three dead” murdered the other two in cold blood.

Further, the BBC headline fails to identify either the (Arab) attacker or the (Jewish) victims. Nor does BBC mention the newsworthy fact that one victim was a baby.

Given this most benign, nondescript headline, we can only conclude one of two possibilities: 1) the BBC headline writer is inept, unable to capture the essence of the incident, or 2) BBC purposely drafted this headline in keeping with an agenda to whitewash acts of Palestinian terror and Israeli victimhood.

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? Reuters included this background information to rationalize the terrorist act:

“Palestinians regard Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as major obstacles to peace and have regularly attacked them.”

Reuters’ description suggests ? preposterously ? that Palestinian terrorists perpetrate the willful murder of civilians out of a quest for peace.

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While the Palestinian terror continues, it is unsettling to see the media’s pattern of cloudy headlines and rationalization of barbaric terrorism continue apace.


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