Rumsfeld on Israeli Nukes

Curiously, we didn’t see this anywhere else, so we’ll translate it from the Israeli news site, Y-Net:

During his visit in Munich, in the framework of the NATO summit, (US Defense Secretary) Rumsfeld was asked: “You speak of nations that are attempting to acquire nuclear weapons, like Iraq, Iran and North Korea. What are you doing with Israel? After all, Israel has more nuclear weapons than all other nations in the region. Why do you continue to be silent regarding Israel?”

Without confirming or denying the claim that Israel has nuclear weapons, Rumsfeld immediately responded to the questioner: “You know yourself the answer. The entire world knows the answer. Israel is a small nation, with a tiny population. Israel is democratic, but exists in a region that wants to see her in the sea. Israel clarified that she does not want to be in the sea, and as a result of that, for many decades, Israel arranged it such that they cannot throw her into the sea.”

UPDATE: Here it is from the US Defense Department