Salt Lake Slant

The Salt Lake Tribune ran a staff-ed expressing opposition to the Israeli security fence. Why? “The fence undermines the whole notion of land for peace.”

It is remarkable that a respectable paper could make such a statement without even mentioning the utter failure of the Oslo Accords, which were based on the land-for-peace principle, and ended in a three-year campaign of terror against Israeli citizens.

The editorial goes on to refer to all of the Israeli communities in the West Bank as “outposts.” Does this (city of Ariel, pop. 17,000) look to Tribune editors like an “outpost”?

The term “outpost” suggests impermanance –rashly-assembled extentions of existing towns. But most Israeli towns over the Green Line (such as Ariel) do not fit this description. The Tribune has misled its readers by framing the debate over the status of the West Bank in wholly inaccurate terms.

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