Saudi Arabia Bans Cuddly Toys

You might think this little guy is harmless, but he actually represents a pernicious threat to the moral fiber of Arab civilization.

From the AP wire:

Saudi Arabia has banned the importation of female dolls and teddy bears, giving merchants three months to dispose of such stock, a state-guided newspaper reported Wednesday.

Interior Minister Prince Nayef ordered the ban which was relayed around the country by the national Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Al-Riyadh said.

The daily gave no reason for the ban, which could not be confirmed with government officials Wednesday.

The ban singled out stuffed-animal toys and dolls of brides. It made no mention of male dolls and it was not clear if these were banned as well.

Male teddy bears – out. Groom dolls – in.
Crown Prince Abdullah imitates The Onion.

It will be exceedingly difficult for the West to establish a common ground with such a culture.