Scotland on Sunday: “Israel Said…”

The evidence of the terror attack, footage from the scene, dead and injured Israelis. Evidently it wasn’t enough for Scotland on Sunday, which couldn’t hide its apparent scepticism:

Israel said Gaza militants armed with guns, explosives, mortars and an anti-tank missile killed eight of its citizens in a roadside ambush on Thursday after entering through the Sinai desert. The Egyptian troops were killed as Israeli soldiers pursued suspected militants fleeing back to Egypt.

Was The Scotsman the only media outlet relying on unconfirmed sources? With domestic Israeli media broadcasting from the scene and foreign journalists given open access, it’s hard to imagine why The Scotsman chose to preface details of the terror attack with “Israel said”.

And what about those “suspected militants”? What are they suspected of? Particularly as they had already carried out the attack and engaged in a firefight with Israeli forces.

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