Video: Sirens In Jerusalem — Team HonestReporting Takes Cover

November 20, 2012 16:51 by

About two hours ago, the sirens went off in Jerusalem. Two rockets landed south of the city. Nobody was hurt, but in the process, we had to briefly evacuate our office.

The team went downstairs to a more protected area of our building, though I and our webmaster decided to stay in the office and continue working. As I noted in today’s liveblog, it took an air raid siren and a Fajr-5 to get some peace and quiet in the office.

After the all-clear and quick phone calls to loved ones, we continued on with work. But not long afterwards, there were more sirens — this time, from Ban Ki-moon’s motorcade.

Our CEO, Joe Hyams, had the presence of mind to make this video.

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