Speaking Events: HonestReporting CEO on the East and West Coasts

Joe Hyams (r) with Dexter Van Zyl

Joe Hyams (r) with Dexter Van Zile


On Sunday, December 8, HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams was a guest speaker at LimmudBoston. He presented a joint session on Israel and the media titled Getting it Right: Israel, the Media and the Modern Middle East.

Six Secrets of Media Objectivity – Quantifying Media Bias and Responding Effectively.
Lessons and first hand insights from the November 2012 media war. We’ll explore the role of social media, photography and the power of grassroots action. You’ll gain behind-the-scenes perspective and practical communications training from the Executive Director of HonestReporting, an Israeli non-profit.

Joe was also joined by Dexter Van Zile of CAMERA.

Joe addressed the audience:

We have no Iron Dome for libel, no magic wand for myths and lies. Bias leads to hate, which harms Israel and Jewish communities everywhere. Let’s give the challenge our full communal focus. 

Iranian American Jewish Federation, Los Angeles

Joe will also be presenting at the Iranian American Jewish Federation in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 15 at 11am.

Click here to see a flyer for more details.

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