Star-Trib finds terrorists

The Minnesota Star-Tribune ran a profile of an evangelical priest who grew up in Jerusalem. Reporter Kay Miller describes his surviving the 1946 Irgun bombing of the King David Hotel (emphasis added):

It was midday July 22, 1946. Ovikian was eating in the basement of the King David Hotel when Zionist terrorists struck…
The Brits had fortified the hotel’s eight-story southern wing with barbed wire and tanks. But the terrorists sneaked in the northern end dressed as delivery people, their milk cans filled with TNT.

The Star-Tribune, which completely refuses to call relentless, deliberate Palestinian murder of Israeli civilians ‘terrorism’, describes the King David bombing as ‘Zionist terror’. This, despite the fact that the Irgun warned the hotel, the adjacent French Consulate, and the Palestine Post of the impending military strike against the British command, and there is no indication that civilians were intentionally targeted. (For more information on the King David bombing, see the Wikipedia entry.)

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