Stockholm Syndrome redux

Four French aid workers were abducted and taken hostage by Palestinians in Gaza on Friday, then released a few hours later. Were they angry? Resentful? Naw…said one:

“I was very well treated. I was given water and I was comfortable in a room…They said they considered us as friends.”

There’s a real pattern of the Stockholm Syndrome developing in the region. Remember Newsweek’s Joshua Hammer, whose recalled his own Gaza abduction in May 2001 almost fondly? Said Hammer, ”They never threatened us or pointed their guns at us…They actually fed us one of the best meals I’ve eaten in Gaza.’ [It also recalls Robert Fisk’s affection for his Afghani assailants.]

Campaign idea for kick-starting the Gaza tourism industry:

‘Great food! Great drink! Visit Gaza now and you too may have the once-in-a-lifetime experience of personal abduction by gregarious Palestinian terrorists!’