Student Group Visits HR International Headquarters

A group of 35 students from New Jersey’s Golda Och Academy learned the basics of anti-Israel media bias and how to counter it last week during a visit to HonestReporting’s International Headquarters.

The visit was part of a two-day section on Israel advocacy led by Awesome Seminars.

HonestReporting CEO Joe Hyams delivered the presentation, demonstrating how influential the media is in shaping public opinion.

“Before this lecture, I didn’t understand how powerful the media is,” said Carmella, one of the students taking part in the 2013 Neshama program in Israel.

“HonestReporting does a good job fighting the media bias,” Carmella added. “I will definitely pay more attention in reading newspapers and tweets. I learned what I can do as an individual and I will tell my friends.”

Micha’el Brownstein, a staffer with the Neshama program, said he believed the Israel advocacy section was important for the students. “They are going to go to college and be confronted with difficult situations, ” he said. “We think it’s important that they have the tools to deal with it.”

Joe Hyams said the presentation was part of HR’s mission to give every student the opportunity to understand the power of media to influence the world, especially in regard to Israel.

“It’s truly a pleasure to continue welcoming visiting groups of bright, committed people who return home with their heads held even higher – as they celebrate the modern day miracle that is the State of Israel,” he said.