Sweden Funds NGO’s Anti-Israel Brochure

While the Israeli govt is bowing to foreign pressure and freezing legislation that would cap foreign donations to NGOs, it emerges that Sweden financed an ugly booklet, “Colonialism and Apartheid – the Israeli occupation in Palestine.” YNet News writes:

According to the report, the Swedish government transferred NIS 390,000 (roughly $104,600), under the guise of humanitarian aid, to a Swedish-Palestinian solidarity group for the creation of the ornate 40-page booklet.

The brochure’s authors accuse Israel of racist legislation, ethnic cleansing, racial segregation, establishing an Apartheid regime in the territories,  and bombing Palestinian civilian homes. Furthermore, the brochure calls for a boycott of the Jewish state.

And Sweden’s foreign aid minister, Gunilla Carlsson, is up in arms that public money was transferred to the Palestine Solidarity Association of Sweden (PGS):

“One party is demonized and they take a clear stance and are trying to affect public opinion. But that’s not something taxpayer money should be used for.”


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