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Anti-Semitism and Arab Democracy: Connecting the Dots

If you want to understand Israeli concerns about where the Egyptian revolution may go, Richard Cohen’s a must-read. Instead of talking about strategic issues or superficially discussing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist agenda, Cohen connects the dots between Nazi Germany, Palestinian nationalism, Islamic fundamentalism with today’s players. Dot no. 1: “Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of

Protesting Anti-Semitism is “Hardline”?

Scotland’s Sunday Herald publishes a provocative article headlined “Auschwitz survivor: ‘Israel acts like Nazis’“. According to the article: One of the last remaining Auschwitz survivors has launched a blistering attack on Israel over its occupation of Palestine as he began a lecture tour of Scotland. … His comments sparked a furious reaction from hardline Jewish

Under Attack: HR Accused by UK TV Documentary

On November 16, the UK Channel 4′s flagship documentary program, Dispatches, broadcast an investigation of “one of the most powerful and influential political lobbies in Britain, which is working in support of the interests of the State of Israel”, directly attacking and smearing HonestReporting in the process. “Despite wielding great influence among the highest realms of British politics and media,