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You Can’t Expect Children to Fact Check News

You Can’t Expect Children to Fact Check News

ABC Australia’s primer video on the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for children is not simplification but distortion and falsification.

The ABC Of Distorting History

An ABC guide to the two-state solution aims to clear up any confusion on the issue for its readers. Instead it leads its readers to adopt the Palestinians’ favored and distorted version of history and the conflict, leading to only more confusion.

You Can’t March In Step With Suicide Bombers and Lecture About What’s Mainstream

Peter Manning (Sydney Morning Herald op-ed) argues that Canberra’s support for Israel is out of step” with Australian public opinion. But as I read his piece and the polls he cites, I’m having a recurring thought: skewed media coverage of Israel impacts public opinion, and public opinion impacts policy. Indeed Manning is part of that

Australian Media’s Moment of Truth

The Australian Broadcasting Corportation admits to Hamas terror, while the New York Times equates Israel and Hamas.

CNN’s Iraqi Cover-Up

CNN admits that knowledge of murder, torture, and planned assassinations were suppressed in order to maintain CNN's Baghdad bureau.