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BDS is a media war

The Media Platform For BDS Lies

The Media Platform For BDS Lies

When the media falsely and inaccurately portray the BDS movement, they enable and feed the movement, providing it with exactly the platform it needs to promote its lies.


Palestinians Launch Nobel Peace Prize Campaign for Convicted Terrorist

Today’s Top Stories 1. Palestinians have launched a worldwide campaign to nominate jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti for the Nobel Peace Prize – despite his life imprisonment for five terrorist murders. According to the JPost, the campaign will include organizing rallies and marches throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip in support of the nomination.

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Video: Is Israel an Apartheid State?

As Israeli Apartheid Week organizers prepare a series of public events demonizing Israel, we examine whether anything they say is actually true. Like it or not, they’ll probably be on your (or your children’s) college campus within the month.