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Militant antisioniste et pro-BDS, mais un gentil samaritain pour la Dépêche du Midi

Militant antisioniste et pro-BDS, mais un gentil samaritain pour la Dépêche du Midi

La Dépêche du Midi – un journal pourtant peu connu pour son biais anti-israélien –  a publié ce matin un article pour le moins étonnant : L’Appaméen en question est un certain Jean-Pierre Clavier (un Appaméen est un habitant de la ville de Pamiers dans ndlr.) qui selon l’article : Vient d’aider les paysans palestiniens à la cueillette des

In BDS, B is For Blacklist, Not Boycott

The BDS movement’s boycott against Israel is, for all practical purposes, a blacklist designed to remove Israel from the world stage. It’s well documented that the movement is primarily a tool for spreading anti-Israel propaganda. It’s time to use language about the movement that reflects its true nature. The calls for boycott of Israel economically, culturally,

National Union of Journalists Rejects Israel Boycott

Just before HonestReporting went on Passover break, Britain’s National Union of Journalists voted against a controversial motion to support the BDS movement and boycott Israeli goods. Judging from an NUJ statement, the prevailing reason for the rejection is that a boycott would make it more difficult for journalists to cover Israel. I assume this refers

Did Hezbollah Assure Israel of a Quiet Border?

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Today’s Top Stories 1. Is the BDS movement gearing up for prime time? According to Nabil Shaath, the Palestinians will consider “going the South African way” and push for a full boycott of Israel