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Report: AIPAC Active on Anti-BDS Legislation

Report: AIPAC Active on Anti-BDS Legislation

Get ready for a new round of accusations that the Israel lobby stifling debate. According to a report on the popular website Buzzfeed, the Israel lobby group, AIPAC is helping draft legislation to limit the effectiveness of the BDS in the US and Europe. A source told Buzzfeed that the legislation would place anti-BDS conditions

How Plausible Hamas’s Deniability?

During the second intifada, Yasser Arafat was a master of denying any links to terror attacks thanks to the layers of “bureaucracy” between him, Fatah, and Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. But in the end, a cache of seized documents confirmed that he authorized and funded a lot of murderous mayhem without being involved in the specifics of

Israel-Basher Appointed to Lead UN Inquiry of Gaza War

Today’s Top Stories 1. The UN Haman Rights Council’s inquiry into Operation Protective Edge got off to a bumpy start with the the announcement that the probe would be conducted by three investigators: Canadian Professor William Schabas (the inquiry leader), Amal Alamuddin (a Lebanese lawyer better known as George Clooney’s fiancee , who declined the