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What Did Channel 4′s Jon Snow Imply With This Tweet?

What Did Channel 4′s Jon Snow Imply With This Tweet?

Channel 4′s Jon Snow tweet sounds too much like an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory accusing Israel of playing a role in the downing of a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine.


Comments and the Roar of the Crowd

I took back my in box. Here’s a sampling of recent correspondence: 1. A reader I’ll identify as @optonline raises this point: How do you\we deal with the pronouncement by Iranian leader\clergy that the Qur’an says Muslims are not to negotiate with Satan? We have been labeled the “Great Satan”. We refuse to recognize that


Axis of Evil Takes Credit for Hurricane Sandy

I was sure conspiracy theorists would blame Israel for Hurricane Sandy. We’re blamed for tsunamis, Red Sea shark attacks, and bird flu, among other things, so ridiculous accusations don’t surprise me anymore. Instead, the Axis of Evil’s supporters pre-empted all that by taking credit for Frankenstorm. CNN writes: Hours after Superstorm Sandy howled its way

Losing My Religion?

There’s nothing the press likes more than an inter-communal Jewish spat, particularly when it involves Israel and the Diaspora. So it was no surprise that a protest by US Jewish organizations against an Israeli advertising campaign aimed at persuading expat-Israelis to return home from the US, got into the papers. The issues of Jewish identity and Israel-Diaspora relations are