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Losing My Religion?

There’s nothing the press likes more than an inter-communal Jewish spat, particularly when it involves Israel and the Diaspora. So it was no surprise that a protest by US Jewish organizations against an Israeli advertising campaign aimed at persuading expat-Israelis to return home from the US, got into the papers. The issues of Jewish identity and Israel-Diaspora relations are

Special Alert: BBC Mideast Editor Guilty of Inaccuracy on Israel

BBC’s Mideast editor rebuked for breaching impartiality and accuracy rules.

Daily Mail Columnist Is Not a Wise Man

Back in June 2007, Daily Mail columnist Andrew Alexander demonstrated breathtaking ignorance and a penchant for making sloppy errors when he attempted to get inside the mind of a suicide bomber. In his latest effort, “Just one Wise Man would make a change“, Alexander clearly shows that he is no such Wise Man when it comes

Panorama in Gaza: The BBC Gets It Right?

Despite what happened to Alan Johnston, Jane Corbin and her colleagues from the BBC’s flagship documentary programme Panorama ventured into the Gaza Strip to see the situation of the Palestinians following the brutal Hamas takeover and the subsequent international isolation of the area. The BBC’s default position on Israeli-Palestinian issues regularly places the blame solely on Israel, even in