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Expert Urges Israeli Government to Fight the Media War

Expert Urges Israeli Government to Fight the Media War

Interviewed about his new book, The War of a Million Cuts, Manfred Gerstenfeld addresses demonization of Israel and argues for a counter-propaganda agency.

ASA Rules Against Palestinian UK Embassy Website

A rare piece of good news from the UK. The same Advertising Standards Authority that banned the Western Wall from Israeli tourism adverts has ruled against the website of the Palestinian Diplomatic Mission to the UK. Among┬áthe complaints upheld: An interactive map under the heading “Discover Palestine” in the colors of the Palestinian flag (red,

Rosenberg’s Alternate Reality

When you hear anti-Israel activists chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” or see the maps with the whole of Israel replaced by “Palestine”, those involved in attacking Israel clearly have a problem with Israel as a country that goes beyond legitimate criticism of Israel policy towards the West Bank, settlements