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SUCCESS: “Tel Aviv’s Iron Dome” Shot Down in Daily Mail

SUCCESS: “Tel Aviv’s Iron Dome” Shot Down in Daily Mail

The Daily Mail’s Mail Online corrects a headline that referred to “Tel Aviv’s Iron Dome” in a story on an ISIS rocket attack on Eilat.

ISIS Fires Rockets at Eilat, Mysterious Explosion Rocks Gaza Tunnel

Today’s Top Stories 1. Four rockets were fired at Eilat from the Sinai. Islamic State in the Sinai claimed responsibility and promised more attacks. Three of the rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome; the fourth landed in an open area. Footage out of #Eilat as several projectiles are fired towards #Israel's southern resort city which

Abbas Snubs Rivlin in Brussels

Today’s Top Stories 1. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas refused to meet with his Israeli counterpart, Reuven Rivlin in Brussels despite A) prodding from European officials B) Rivlin’s willingness for a little jaw-jaw, and C) Abbas’s history of claims that he’s willing to “immediately” meet with Israeli leaders. Rivlin called Abbas’s snub “strange.” So now Abbas

Israeli Contact With Syrian Opposition?

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Today’s Top Stories 1. Arab media reports say Israeli diplomats have already made contact with Syrian opposition leaders, “likely in order to gauge the possibility of establishing a buffer zone along the Golan Heights