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Balance of “Activism” Doesn’t Sound Right

Balance of “Activism” Doesn’t Sound Right

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah thinks Hezbollah has reached a level of mutually assured destruction with the Zionist entity. Here’s the Daily Star’s money quote from his latest speech (still given from an undisclosed location). Speaking on the subject of Israel, Nasrallah said his party maintained “a balance of terror” with the Jewish state, which prevents it


Big Media Confirms Foreign Jihadis Among Syrian Rebels

Everything you need to know about the  weekend coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Today’s Top Stories 1. Times of India: Naming names, Indian cops have concluded that the suspects in February attack outside the Israeli embassy were members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. One man, identified as Sedaghatzadeh

EUobserver Shuts Down Op-Ed Debate

EUobserver, according to its website, was founded “to support the debate on – and development of European affairs.” With the EU taking an active role in Mideast diplomacy and particularly in the funding of the Palestinian Authority and a significant number of regional NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) wouldn’t you expect some vibrant debate on EUobserver’s opinion