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Taking a Bullet for Alaa Al-Aswany’s Freedom of Speech

Yesterday, we took issue with the NY Times giving a column to an anti-Israel conspiracy theorist, Alaa Al Aswany. We laid out a number of examples of Aswany’s comments that crossed the line. One...

October 28, 2013 11:52 By :

Another American Journalist Disappears in Syria

Everything you need to know about today’s coverage of Israel and the Mideast. Join the Israel Daily News Stream on Facebook. Today’s Top Stories 1. Is Bushehr the next Fukushima? A NY Times...

January 3, 2013 13:28 By :

EU Sanctions Knock Iran’s Press TV Off the Airwaves

Thanks to the latest EU sanctions against Iran, Press TV was cut off from Europe’s airwaves this morning. Eutelsat began blocking it and 18 other TV/radio stations operated by the Iranian state...

October 15, 2012 18:40 By :

Israel Daily News Stream 06/10/2012

Syrian rebels set up a British journalist for death. Hamas terrorist basks in legitimacy of UK op-ed soapbox. Convicted of corruption in absentia, Yasser Arafat’s financial advisor begins “settling...

June 10, 2012 13:45 By :

2011 Dishonest Reporting Awards

Our yearly roundup of the worst excesses of the media in 2011.

December 13, 2011 10:20 By :