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Video: Mosul, CNN, ISIS and Israel

Video: Mosul, CNN, ISIS and Israel

An American led coalition is fighting Islamic State (ISIS) in its Iraqi stronghold of Mosul. This is very similar to Israel’s battles against the terror group Hamas. So why does CNN report on Israel so differently? Why the double standard? To see the CNN article on Mosul click here. And to see the CNN definition


Professor Wants Safe Space To Bash Israel

Makdisi is calling for universities to be made safer places for students to freely express their views – yet it is radical anti-Israel activists like himself who make Jewish and pro-Israel students feel intimidated and unsafe standing up for their views and for the Jewish state.

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Le Hamas, des démocrates ?

The Independent a couvert une interview donnée à un journal palestinien par le ministre de la défense d’Israël Avigdor Lieberman, dans laquelle ce dernier menace de “complètement détruire” le Hamas si celui-ci déclenche une nouvelle guerre avec Israël. Selon the Independent : Bien que le Hamas ait remporté les élections locales en 2006, l’organisation terroriste