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Huffington Post Reposting Anti-Semitic Cartoonist

In a live blog, the Huffington Post included the following: The cartoon itself makes the offensive suggestion that Netanyahu is profiting from Israel’s military action primarily to win votes in...

November 21, 2012 12:31 By :

Propagandist Doctor Returns in the New York Times

Mads Gilbert returns to Gaza’s Shifa Hospital.

November 21, 2012 9:09 By :

Hamas Using Hospital As Cover for Rocket Launch

UPDATE 11/21 1:07 pm: Hamas acknowledged this. According to The Independent: Hamas officials at the hospital were asked how firing rockets from such a built-up area could be justified as it is likely to...

November 20, 2012 21:51 By :

Liveblogging Israel’s Media War 11/20/2012

I’m liveblogging the media war from the HonestReporting headquarters in Jerusalem. Come back to this page throughout the day for the latest developments. This is Tuesday’s liveblog. For Wednesday’s,...

November 20, 2012 19:56 By :

Vicious Agitprop From Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown I gave up taking Yasmin “some of my best friends are Jews” Alibhai-Brown seriously many years ago. Unfortunately she regularly pens poisonous pieces against Israel and...

November 19, 2012 14:30 By :

Live Blogging Israel’s Media War 11/18/2012

Liveblogging the media war from Jerusalem. Come back to this page throughout the day for the latest developments.

November 18, 2012 9:03 By :

Gaza Child Killed… By Hamas

This iconic image of a dead Gazan child is not what it seems.

November 18, 2012 9:01 By :

UPDATE: BBC and CNN React to Pallywood Video Footage

CNN retracts while the BBC denies the evidence.

November 18, 2012 9:01 By :

Exposed: Pallywood Returns to Gaza

What happens when there aren’t enough dead and injured Palestinians for the TV cameras?

November 15, 2012 15:46 By :

Operation Pillar of Defense: What You Need to Know

Read our primer to help you respond as Israel defends its citizens.

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