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Google Street View on its Way to Israel

As Google continues to grow its burgeoning empire across an increasing number of fields, news emerged this week that Google’s controversial Street View project got official approval to begin operating in Israel in the near future. Street View is a dynamic addition to Google Maps and  Google Earth that allows people to take a 360

Social Media in a Nutshell – Part 1

From product reviews on Amazon.com to entries on “open-source” encyclopedias, more and more people are helping create the new Internet. User-generated content – material produced and posted by the general public – is the hallmark of the new “social media,” (also known as Web 2.0), the Internet’s latest evolutionary development. Unlike the first wave of

Exposed – Anti-Israeli Subversion on Wikipedia

HonestReporting exposes anti-Israel activists manipulating the online encyclopedia.

Sourcing Quotes the Pilger Way

Writing in the latest edition of the New Statesman, columnist John Pilger launches a scathing diatribe against British PM Tony Blair’s Mideast policies, blaming him for the proliferation of home-grown terrorists and “collusion with the Israeli state in its deliberate, criminal attacks on civilians.” Indeed, Pilger takes the opportunity to viciously attack Israel, describing it