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Guardian’s “Mandatory Red Roofs” is Nonsense

Guardian’s “Mandatory Red Roofs” is Nonsense

In an article about controversial Israeli architect Eyal Weizman, The Guardian let loose a real whopper of an accusation against Israel. According to the story, the tiled roofs so common to Jewish homes in the West Bank are actually “mandatory red roofs so that on flyovers the Israeli army know not to target them.” Mandatory? Flyovers?

Guardian Places Knesset on Arab Farmland

Only yesterday I blogged the BBC’s video report on the Arab village of Lifta, located at the western entrance to Jerusalem and abandoned since 1948. Within 48 hours of the BBC’s report, the Guardian has also published its own story and video. Is this an amazing coincidence or is this an obvious demonstration of the


Bibi Coverage: One Speech, Multiple Stories

Our look at some of the media coverage of the Netanyahu speech illustrates how we are at the mercy of one or two journalists and editors or the particular editorial or political line of a media outlet when it comes to coverage of Israel.


Battle Over Goldstone Report Continues

Judge Richard Goldstone’s Washington Post op-ed admitting he was wrong about key elements in his infamous Goldstone Report on the war in Gaza unleashed a torrent of media coverage over the past week. In his original report, Goldstone wrote that Israel and Hamas were both guilty of war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity in

Iranian Propaganda TV Increases its Reach

Press TV sends a shocking response to an invited guest.