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Saeb Erekat ‘Threatens’ Violence Over US Embassy Move

Saeb Erekat ‘Threatens’ Violence Over US Embassy Move

Today’s Top Stories 1. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat threatened (or predicted?) Arab violence if the US relocates its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Here’s Erekat dog whistling after saying he’d resign and the PLO would revoke its recognition of Israel. Draw your own conclusion: Furthermore, said Erekat, all American embassies in the Arab world

Trump’s Pick for Ambassador to Israel Stirs Controversy

Today’s Top Stories *** Breaking news *** Just before this roundup was published, residents of Amona agreed to leave the unauthorized outpost for a nearby location. The High Court of Justice had ruled that Amona was built on private Palestinian-owned land and ordered the outpost demolished by December 25. The agreement heads off fears of

Aleppo Ceasefire Collapses as Residents Tweet Desperate Farewells

Today’s Top Stories 1. The battle for Aleppo is over. But an agreement to allow rebels and residents to evacuate the northern Syrian city fell through with everyone pointing fingers and shelling resuming. Both the UN and Aleppines accused pro-Assad forces of atrocities. There’s no independent verification, but something awful is happening. This ominous Daily

Deadly Bombings Rock Mideast, Africa

Today’s Top Stories 1. Four bombings rocked the Mideast and Africa this weekend. Today, at least 25 people were killed in a bombing inside Cairo’s main Coptic cathedral. Also today in Somalia, a suicide truck bombing which killed 29 people at the Mogadishu Port. The Islamist al Shabaab claimed responsibility. On Saturday, in Istanbul, a

Deux poids, deux mesures: qui est terroriste selon la presse française ?

L’un des phénomènes les plus frappants dans les médias est la difficulté qu’ont ces derniers à employer le mot “terroriste” quand il s’agit d’Israël. La règle qui semble s’appliquer dans ce cas-là pourrait être résumée ainsi : deux poids, deux mesures. C’est bien de ce syndrome que semble souffrir la presse française comme l’ont rappelé ce matin les

Hamas Weighs Joining PLO

Today’s Top Stories *** Breaking news *** Just before this roundup was published, the IDF confirmed that a Palestinian trying to stab a soldier near the settlement of Ofra was shot this afternoon. 1. The Knesset is mulling a bill that would cut off EU support for illegal Palestinian building. The Jerusalem Post explains: If

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Le Hamas, des démocrates ?

The Independent a couvert une interview donnée à un journal palestinien par le ministre de la défense d’Israël Avigdor Lieberman, dans laquelle ce dernier menace de “complètement détruire” le Hamas si celui-ci déclenche une nouvelle guerre avec Israël. Selon the Independent : Bien que le Hamas ait remporté les élections locales en 2006, l’organisation terroriste