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Nissim Behar de Libération : entre désinformation et haine d’Israël

Nissim Behar de Libération : entre désinformation et haine d’Israël

Nous le savons depuis longtemps, il existe chez Libération un problème qui ne relève pas du “simple” biais médiatique. Cette “tendance” à la désinformation – qui est souvent accompagnée d’un anti-sionisme délavé – est évidente chez un “journaliste” en particulier : le notoire Nissim Behar. Avant de nous intéresser au dernier méfait de cet individu, nous

Headline Fails as Israeli Soldier Convicted of Manslaughter

IDF soldier Elor Azaria is convicted of manslaughter. Some headlines fail to include that the Palestinian he killed happened to be a terrorist.

Undercover Op Nabs Terrorist Hiding in Hebron Hospital

Today’s Top Stories 1. Undercover Israeli forces nabbed a Palestinian terrorist hiding in a Hebron hospital. With one soldier disguised as a woman in labor, the story sounds more like a movie than real life. Azzam Izzat Shalaldeh was wanted for trying to stab an Israeli two weeks ago. Shaladeh’s cousin was shot and killed during the

Russian Aircraft Goes Down in the Sinai

Today’s Top Stories 1. Claiming that the intifada is really a series of Israeli attacks on innocent Palestinians, PA President Mahmoud Abbas met with Fatou Bensouda, the head of the International Criminal Court, to urge that a preliminary investigation into so-called Israeli “war crimes” be put on a fast-track. 2. A Russian airliner crashed in

IDF to Separate Jews and Arabs in Gush Etzion After More Stabbings

Today’s Top Stories 1. The IDF announced it will impose a physical separation of Jews and Palestinians in Gush Etzion after assessing that there will not be a let up in stabbing attacks. This morning in Hebron, a Palestinian stabbed a soldier, cutting him in the face during a violent demonstration. Later in the morning