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Pro-Israel Blog-Off: Third Quarter Final

Pro-Israel Blog-Off: Third Quarter Final

Aussie Dave just introduced the third quarter-final match of the 2011 Pro-Israel Blog-Off. This match pits against each other submissions by Freso Zionism and Israel Muse. Check out their submissions and vote. HonestReporting’s a proud sponsor of the blog-off.

Pro-Israel Blog-Off: The Great Eight

Aussie Dave just announced the winner of the Pro-Israel Blog-Off’s final match of round one. Congratulations to Yisrael Medad. We’re down to eight bloggers, and the competition’s going to get more intense. So stay tuned for more blog posts, videos and podcasts, and good luck to the blog-off’s “Great Eight.” 7 Agorot Challah Hu Akbar CiFWatch