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The Irish Times: Multiple Lies and Distortions in Three Parts

The Irish Times: Multiple Lies and Distortions in Three Parts

The Irish Times’s Michael Jansen publishes a three-part series of anti-Israel lies and distortions.


Following Up on Khulood Badawi’s False Photo Tweet: Why the Radio Silence?

McClatchy News correspondent Sheera Frenkel has picked up on the UN worker, Khulood Badawi’s false photo tweet. Badawi’s supporters are circling the wagons too. For example, Jeff Halper, of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions writes: We firmly hold that Khulood has a manifested right to exercise her freedom of expression on her personal Facebook

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Dutch Media & Israel: No Honest Reporting

Just how bad is Dutch media reporting on Israel?

Media Cheat Sheet 11/01/2011

Everything you need to know about today’s media coverage of Israel. Today’s big stories were UNESCO fallout, lingering issues from the recent Gaza rocketfire, and a surprising NY Times op-ed. UNESCO • Now that Palestine is a member of UNESCO, the US has cut funding and Canada is weighing its options. And the Palestinians? They’re already preparing

Failure to Disclose

How can a journalist “forget” his interviewee’s position at the head of an anti-Israel NGO?