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The New York Times: Just the Facts?

A six month study of the New York Times shows a bias toward the Palestinian narrative.

Exposed: How Palestinian Fixers Manipulate their Media Bosses

View the footage as a former CNN employee launches a tirade against an Israeli MK.

Alibhai-Brown’s Media Outrage

Independent columnist asks “Where is the media outrage over Gaza?”

Media Falls for NGO’s "Halo Effect"

Why are an NGO’s allegations against Israel accepted by an unquestioning media?

Observer’s Myopic View of Jerusalem

In the wake of recent terror attacks in Jerusalem, the status of the city’s Palestinian residents has come under the spotlight. The Observer’s headline “Arabs under siege as Israel tightens grip on Holy City” is indicative of the slanted nature of Peter Beaumont’s article. The term “under siege” itself is sensationalist, bearing no connection to