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Is Hezbollah Using US Arms Taken From Lebanese Army?

Is Hezbollah Using US Arms Taken From Lebanese Army?

Today’s Top Stories 1. Hezbollah’s now using US weapons supplied to the Lebanese Armed Forces, according to an IDF officer quoted by Haaretz. And how did Hezbollah get its hands on the “Made in the USA” arms and vehicles? The senior officer added that while it is not clear under which circumstances Hezbollah obtained the


Trump’s Pick for Ambassador to Israel Stirs Controversy

Today’s Top Stories *** Breaking news *** Just before this roundup was published, residents of Amona agreed to leave the unauthorized outpost for a nearby location. The High Court of Justice had ruled that Amona was built on private Palestinian-owned land and ordered the outpost demolished by December 25. The agreement heads off fears of


Da série: A Equivalência Moral entre Vítimas e Atacantes na Mídia Brasileira

Ontem, na Cidade Velha de Jerusalém, um palestino atacou um policial israelense com uma chave de fenda. Ele tentou furar a cabeça do policial até que outros policiais vieram e dispararam contra o atacante. A manchete dos veículos brasileiros? (Para a nossa não surpresa)     Por que será que é tão difícil para veículos


Quand un site d’information québécois déforme la vérité…

Nous l’oublions trop souvent, le biais anti-israélien ne concerne pas que la presse française… En effet, le site d’information québécois Canoë.ca, a publié un article sur la ville de Jérusalem : Pour tout vous dire, nous doutons que le qualificatif d’article soit vraiment mérité ici à la vue de la flagrante distortion des faits rapportés. En effet, dans l’un des


False Claims of Biblical Proportions

Unlike the impression given by the IBT, Jews are not looking to pray at a mosque, Islamic holy site, or Muslim sanctuary, but at the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount.